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Cosmetic Smear


We have a wide range of lotions for sale. We have DHA bronzers, natural bronzers, accelerators (bronzer free), tingles, and face/leg specific lotions! We are constantly updating our lotion so stop in the store to see our most up to date selection

Why tan with a lotion?

Tanning lotion is not always a self tanner! Lotion help to moisturize the skin and maximize your time in the tanning booth! Using a lotion will help you achieve your natural tan at much faster rate than without. We also have lotions that provide added color (DHA bronzers). We highly recommend using a lotion to boost your tan. If you have questions about what lotion is best for you, ask one of our tanning consultants.

Smeared Cream

We have many lotions and products to fit your every tanning need!

Tanning Lotions

  • DHA Bronzers

  • Natural Bronzers

  • Accelerators/Maximizers (bronzer free)

  • Tingles

  • Face Lotion

  • Leg Lotion

Additional Tanning Products

  • Tan Extenders

  • Moisturizers

  • Tattoo Protection

  • Sunscreen 

  • Chapstick

  • Self-tanner

Don't forget about eyewear!

We have goggles and single use eyewear available for purchase

White Lotion

We have products from your favorite tanning brands!

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And more!

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