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UV Tanning

Sun Capsule Vitesse54 and Vitesse60:

Super Fast Bronzing

7-minute Tan
The Sun Capsule Vitesse is the lastest and greatest in the tanning industry. Get your gorgeous base tan in only 1-3

fast sessions! (Maximum tan time is 7 minutes)

HT60: The Fabulous

 8-minute Tan
Get your beautiful base tan in only 3 to 4 sessions and with only 2% UVB rays, you'll build your tan quickly. (Maximum tan time is 8 minutes)

HT54: Incredible 10-minute Tan

Get an incredible 

off-the-beach look with a base tan achieved in 4 to 5 easy sessions. (Maximum tan time is 10 minutes)

HT42: Great Value Tan
Look fabulous in no time with a base tan achieved in 6 to 7 sessions. (Maximum tan time is 11 minutes)

Spray Tanning

*by appointment only*

A customized, even tan with our Norvell Sunless certified spray tan technician

Colors: Norvell Venetian & Venetian one



Unique mix of Violet and Brown Bronzers create an extremely natural looking "just of the beach" color on any skin tone.

According to Color Theory, Complimentary colors, when blended, create brown! Violet is complimentary to Orange on the color wheel...this means, violet will neutralize orange tones and create brown!

A minimum of 6-8 hours is suggested before showering, using a warm water rinse only

(no soap). For best results, waiting 12 to 24 hours is always recommended. Allow up to 24 hours for maximum color development.


Venetian ONE HOUR

For those clients that love the Venetian, but need to rinse fast!

Warm water rinse after 1, 2, or 3 hours for a light, medium, or dark tan. For those with very fair skin tones, it is not recommended to exceed the 3-hour wait time before your warm water rinse. Doing so may result in less-than-natural looking spray tan results.

Venetian ONE contains dark 'wash-away' bronzers. Although these temporary bronzers wash away during the warm water rinse, your self-tanning color continues to develop up to 24 hours following application. It is important to note that your sunless tan will not have reached its full color development after 1, 2, or 3 hours. Your tan will continue to darken over the next several hours. 

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