Best Value: Memberships

EFT memberships are our best value! The contracts are very straight forward and like a membership to a gym, these convenient memberships charge your credit card on file every month. Because there are no sign up or cancellation fees, there is a minimum 3 month requirement. These memberships cannot be shared and require a credit card on file. Memberships do need to be cancelled, in person at the salon, after the 3 month requirement unless you wish to keep it going. These are amazing values for most clients who tan longer than 4 months.

VIP Membership


Unlimited Tanning in Vitesse60, Vitesse, HT60, HT54, HT42 Booths plus 1 Mystic Spray Tan

10% off products

Vitesse60 Membership


​Unlimited tanning in Vitesse60, Vitesse, HT60, HT54, & HT42 booths

10% off products

Vitesse54 Membership


Unlimited tanning in Vitesse, HT60, HT54, & HT42 booths

10% off products

HT60 Membership


Unlimited access HT60, HT54, HT42

10% off products

HT54 Membership


Unlimited access HT54, HT42

10% off products

HT42 Membership


Unlimited access HT42

Pay As You Go Membership


Every visit you pay for what booth you want to use that day






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Salon Price Sheet

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Individual Tans

These tans never expire and can be shared with friends or family! These are typically great options for our clients who plan on tanning sporadically and/or who want to share tans with other people.

Options include packages of 1 Tan, 5 Tans, 10 Tans or 20 Tans in any booth.

Non-Contracted Unlimited Tanning

These unlimited packages cannot be shared and expire after the set date, however no credit card is required on file and all payments are made up front. These are typically a better option for clients who plan on tanning two or more times a week for a set period of time and do not wish to join the EFT membership.

Options include packages of 1 Week, 2 Weeks, 1 Month, 2 Months, or 3 Months unlimited tanning in any booth.

Mystic Tans

Options include packages of 1 Tan ($30), 5 Tans ($125), 10 Tans ($200) or 20 Tans ($300)

*Mystic Tans have an extra fee of $3 for the light color, $4 for the medium color, and $6 for the dark color*

No appointment necessary!

Airbrush Tanning

BY APPOINTMENT ONLY - Call to schedule yours today!

Options include packages of 1 Spray ($45), 5 Sprays ($200), 10 Sprays ($350) or 20 Sprays ($500)

*Prices above include Ph Balancing spray, airbrush color, foot soles, hair net, and disposable bra and underwear*

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